Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Classic toy-Cooties

Hey there everyone. It's time for our second challenge this month. It is classic game week. Who remembers COOTIES!
Would you believe this game has been around since 1949? It has sold millions of games and has been updated several times through the years. Cooties remains a favorite of many today.

Let's see how our team used Cooties on their LO's.

The green-faced "cootie" reminded me of the green face of the witch in these
pictures of my son and daughter posing w/ a Halloween prop.

I had never heard of this game but after doing some research I began wondering if this might be a modern American version of a game I played as a child myself called Creepy Critters.  I loved playing this - it was quick and easy and something my mother was happy to play with me.  It was certainly a family favourite for many years.
Inspired by the critters ! When my boy was little he loves to search for any kind of critter, on the photo he got a snail in his hand. Snails were his favorite kind of critters, when he was about two years old, he even took a snail out of his "house" , eeeeekkkk. These days he luckily don't like them anymore and even run away if he sees any, lol. 

(**Sketch from Scrap Our Stash**)
I was inspired by the critter bug that the game is about.  I had these photos of my son holding a praying mantis from a few years ago and decided this was the perfect opportunity to get them scrapped.  As I look at the inspiration photo again along with my layout, the colors kind of tie in well too!

(sketch from Sketch~N~Scrap)
Even though the pictures aren't the greatest since they were snapped on my phone I knew I wanted to scrap these pictures from our sons first time playing the game.  I went with an outer space feel to the layout since Cooties can't be from earth right?

This challenge stumped me until I thought of cooties as the term in Love. I created a layout of the Valentine cards I made for my family this year. 

For this challenge, I kept thinking about bugs.  (Since the cootie game had big bugs as the game piece).  And I instantly thought of my daughter who we've always called "Caity Bug" dressed up as a lady bug for her second Halloween.

Running with the idea of bugs/insects, I made a page about a visit to a local butterfly garden.  Butterflies are some of my favorite bugs.  :)

Going with the Cootie bug, these photos reminded me how little brother used to "bug" his big sister. I also thought the blinged out bug was perfect for this layout.

 I was inspired by the fact that the "Cooties" look like caterpillars and created this tone on tone layout of my son playing with a caterpillar he found on our front stoop.

 I found these close upshots of my boys, reminding me that my son used to carry around the head of the Cootie. He liked it more than he liked playing the game.

There is a great variety of inspiration here. Color, bugs. Love...What will you do with Cooties? We want to see your layouts! Please use the link at the top of the page to add your projects by 7/31.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Classic Craft: Colorforms

Good morning and happy Wednesday!  First off, we need to announce the winner from our June challenges---

 Congratulations to
What a cute Tinkerbell layout!  In case you missed it, you can check it out here.
Janessa, please email us at idesignscrapbooks(at)yahoo(dot)com with your contact info so we can get your prize out to you.

Thanks so much to everyone who played along last month with Child's Play and Scrap Our Stash!

Now...let's get on with our first July challenge!

Do you remember Colorforms?  Perhaps you remember the slogan---
"It's more fun to play the Colorforms way!"
Founded in 1951, Colorforms are thin, die-cut vinyl shapes and images that can be placed and repositioned on top of a shiny laminated board that usually contains some type of neutral backgound.  With these playsets, children are able to create endless scenes to the delight of their imagination.

What you see above is likely the original set, containing simple geometric shapes.  As the toy evolved, many licensed character playsets were created, the first of which was Popeye in 1957.  In addition to scenery sets, games, puzzles and interactive books were also developed.

Now that you know a little more about Colorforms, let's see how our Game Players were inspired.

I honestly don't remember ever having Colorforms as a child or buying them for my own kids so I struggled to find inspiration for this challenge until I realised that the version of Colorforms shown is all about shapes so this is what I have done.  I've used  squares, rectangles, circles and triangles both as shapes and in patterned paper design.

Hi, I'm so glad to join the DT here at Child's Play Challenges ! I hope I can inspire you with my first project here . For my page I was inspired by the circles and triangles. The blue triangles I cut out of paper, the white ones I created with a self made stencil and selfmade modeling paste, the circles can be found in the spinners and gears.

I too was inspired by the primary colors and shapes of the Colorforms.

So happy to be joining the team here at CPC!  For my first layout I was inspired by the squares and the colors of the Colorforms.  My dad's birthday is July fourth, and now I'm all ready for a picture of him and our son.

I took a break from scrapbooking and since that time, 4 months ago, I have only created 4 layouts.
I've noticed that my layouts so far have a minimalist feel to them. Because of that you may not see how I incorporated the inspiration piece into my layout...
Colorforms are like reusable stickers so I was inspired to use stickers on my layout: I used 5.
Also, the Colorforms in the picture example are shapes which inspired me to include arrow and triangle shaped stickers.

I have a LO for the Colorforms challenge but I just can't seem to get Blogger to upload at the moment. I've posted my LO here in the hope someone can help

i have put an explanation on the post
I had no idea what colorforms were! I decided to go with the idea of one ( or two) shapes in the same colour. this is what I came up with.

I took the challenge literally creating my tree out of circles, squares and rectangles like you would have if you had to use the Colorforms.  Then I used some triangles as my photo corners.

 I used the black background and the bright, colorful shapes from the Colorforms inspiration image.  This page is about my son demonstrating self-defense moves in order to earn a new belt in kung fu class.

Oddly, I was inspired by the smell of colorforms.  I loved opening up a new package  of colorforms and smelling that unique plastic smell; very similar to the smell of a newly unwrapped plastic slip in slide.  In addition, the colors and shapes of the paper reminded me of the colorforms I used to play with.

I never heard of this craft toy before so I didn't really know what to create for this challenge. After, staring at the challenge image for a while I realized this had to do with basic shapes so I ended up using that for my page.


I was inspired by the geometric shapes.  I used triangles and a few circle elements.  I also was inspired to use primary colors.

Now it's your turn---show us how you're inspired by Colorforms!
Be sure to link up your layout in the right sidebar for your chance to win our monthly prize.
Have fun creating!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Design Team Announcment!

Please give a warm welcome to our new and returning Game Players!

Our new members:
My name is Astrid and I live in the Netherlands. I am married since 2011 and together we have a son, who will be turning 8 within two weeks. Besides my son I have two stepkids who are 13 and 15. All of them are mostly my main subject on my pages. I discovered scrapbooking in 2004 when a scrapbooking magazine caught my eye but I really get hooked in 2006 when my son was born. I love being creative and preserve our memories in albums. Being on this team will expand my creativity and will challenge me trying new things! So thank you very much for this great opportunity can't hardly wait to get started!

Hi everyone...Lyne here. I have been scrapbooking a long time, but just joined the world of blogging and videos last year. I have always done something crafty since I was young. In fact, I’ve been a published model stitcher seven times for my counted cross stitch work. I was introduced to stamping as a teenager, but not scrapbooking until a very good girlfriend introduced me to it as a way for us to get together each week, or so, and do something with all the pictures we had! I really enjoyed it, but it got set aside when I went back to college, got married, bought a house, etc. I came back to it full force about 3 years ago when we welcomed our little guy into the family. He is now the main thing I scrap about. I am also part of the design teams for ScrapStuffz Inspired By and Southern Girls Challenge. I have previously worked with Get Inky Stamps and Kraftie Krea8tions. Each tream has taught me something about scrapping and myself. I really look forward to being part of this team and inspiring you to try new things.

Their first reveal with Child's Play will be on July 2nd!

 We are happy to hae these members continuing on our design team:
Denise Price
Diana Poirier
Doreena Vasquez
Heather Millen
Jane Howden
Mandi Kraze
Stephanie Johnson
Karen Williams

Sadly, we are also saying goodbye to some friends as well. Thank you all so much for your commitment to the team and for sharing your awesome creativity with us.  You will be missed!  

That's all for now.  See you Wednesday for our first July challenge and also our June prize winner!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Classic Craft Challenge:Tie Dye

We have a special event for you this week!  We have joined forces with Scrap Our Stash to bring you DOUBLE the challenge fun--which also means DOUBLE the chances for you to win!

Here at Child's Play, it's time for a colorful kid's craft.  Remember the tie-dye of the 70's?  Well, it never really went away, did it?  At least not for crafters.  Today we bring it back to you in the form of an inspiration challenge.  The image we have chosen is perhaps not what typically comes to mind when you think of tie-dye.  Maybe for you it's the bright psychedelic/rainbow colors.  For some it might be 4th of July colors.  This image offers that softer color palette.  Whatever tie-dye means for you, translate that into a layout and tell us how you got there.  We love to hear your translation from inspiration to page!

And this time, don't forget to combine it with this lovely sketch from Brenda Ragsdale at Scrap Our Stash:

Now let's take a look at how our Game Players translated the tie-dye craft and the sketch into their layouts.

The perfect challenge to finally do a page about making tie-dye t-shirts for Father's Day at my son's school.  If you could have seen the mess we parents got into, you will soon realize why we were doing the dyeing and not the kids !!!

For my layout I combined the inspiration from the sketch and from the "Tie Dye" challenge. 
I cut some circle ring in different sizes out of paper using the circle dies. Then I put them randomly on a white cardstock and glimmer misted it to get the "Tie Dye" look on the background.

I used watercolor paint to get the look of tie-dyed rings on my layout.  I also used watercolors to interpret parts of the sketch, in order to get that "artsy" feel for this page about my son's school art show.

I was inspired by the bright and vibrant colors you see in tie dye. I used messy mediums (gelatos and mists) to also create the look of tie dye.

When I sat down to do this challenge, I didn't have a clue what I was going to scrapbook about.  When I got up to get a re-fill of my coffee, I walked past the hallway mirror and glanced in it. I saw I was wearing my favourite tie-dye top! So out came the camera!! I took a bunch of selfies and created this page for the challenge.  And the sketch, well I turned it clockwise.

I attempted to tie dye coffee filters (the dyeing part worked well, but didn't leave the white lines like when using fabric), and then turned the filters into the flowers on the layout about my daughter's love of her blank-blanks (blankets). 

I used the bright tie-dye colors from a shirt to inspire my layout. I used gelatos on my white mat to go with the softer palette in the image above.

I was inspired by this bathing suit my daughter was wearing while she was running through the sprinkler at my parents house.  Plus I thought this paper with all the white shining through the pink resembled a tie-dye shirt!

I was initially inspired by the bright colored tie-dye of the 70's.  This made me think "like the colors of the rainbow"...which led me to scrapping these photos of rainbows.  

I was inspired to make my own tie dye background for this LO. I also used ombre colored paper. In tie dye, the color gets lighter the farther away from the center.

If you use both the tie-dye inspiration and the sketch, be sure to upload your image to this blog and also to Scrap Our Stash.  This way you will double your chances to win a prize!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Classic Movie Challenge-Peter Pan

Good morning and welcome to our first challenge in June!  Before we reveal the challenge, we have to announce our May winner!

Our May winner is
Please email us at idesignscrapbooks (at) yahoo (dot) com within 7 days to claim your prize

We are also having a Design Team call!  You can find all the details about it HERE

We are offering a prize this month as well. To qualify for the prize, you must enter at least one of our challenges. Please read our challenge rules above.

Now for what you have been waiting for, our reveal!  It is classic movie week time. Anyone familiar with a little flick called PETER PAN???  Did you read the books? See the movie in the theater? Did you want to stay a kid forever after seeing it or just want a dog to be your Nanny?  Who was your favorite character? There are so many ways Peter Pan can inspire you. Let's take a look at how our team was inspired.

We saw these gorgeous statues of Peter Pan and Wendy in the Botanical Gardens in Dunedin, New Zealand when we visited in 2012.  A fitting tribute to the delightful and heart warming story of Peter Pan.

These photos of my husband dressed in my son's pirate hat were perfect for this Peter Pan challenge!  I used the colour green in my layout because that's the colour that Peter Pan wears and also added the little crocodile brads in honour of the crocodile that ate Captain Hook's hand! Argh!! 

I was inspired by the midnight blue background color of the Peter Pan image.  I also liked the idea of depicting a magical journey, although my "magical" journey was only to the zoo.  :)

I was inspired by my husband's promotion to Captain at his fire department.  My girls and I started calling him all sorts of names after his promotion including Kirk, Crunch, & Kangaroo....But our favorite was "Captain Hook."  So much in fact, we bought him a fake hook for his desk!  

I was inspired by the playfulness of Peter Pan.  I'm a big fan of the Weasley Twins from Harry Potter.  Their mischievous natures remind me of me!  

I was inspired by Peter Pan's green, many shades of green...

As you can see, there are many ways Peter Pan can inspire you and we would love to see what you create.  Please use the link at the top of the page to add your Layouts. You have until June 30 to enter.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Classic Toy Challenge: Etch-A-Sketch

Welcome to our second challenge for this month here at Child's Play!  We are so happy to have you here!  This time we have a toy that I'm sure most of you are familiar with---the Etch-A-Sketch.
Maybe some of you were more successful than me---and there certainly are some talented Etch-A-Sketch artists out there!---but I could barely get past drawing a basic square. The image above, I'm sure, is waaaay beyond my abilities.

Anyway, back to our challenge...  Do you like to draw? Was this one of your favorite toys that you have fond memories of?  Do you rememeber the sound of shaking the image to clear the slate? Whatever it is about this toy that gets your creativity going---share it with us!

Here is what our talented game players had to say about their creations:


I was inspired to add some hand drawing, doodling and hand writing to my layout. So I painted the 
flowers and the leaves with the water colours, outlined the edges and cut them out. I wrote the title 
using a thick marker and cut it out.

I chose to go with the look of an Etch a Sketch with a red background paper stock and a white square on top. I went with a photo with reds in to complement the etch a sketch.


I decided to go with the colors of the Etch-A-Sketch. The colors in this photo matched perfectly with the red, white & black. The scrolls in the background paper also reminded me of  doodling on the Etch-A-Sketch.

 I strongly disliked playing with an Etch-A-Sketch (I couldn't create what I saw in my head, somewhat like scrapping), so I used the name as inspiration and based my layout on a Scrapbook Generation sketch. I kept everything in straight lines as that's all the toy would do... so frustrating!

I loved the Etch a Sketch when I was little but the sad thing I never could get pass drawing a basic house. This inspired me to use a photo of myself  that I had printed out with a special sketch feature my camera had.

I was inspired by the art of sketching...which I have next to no talent for!  But thanks to fun phone apps, I was able to whip up this sketch of the Space Needle with the simple press of a button.  I also fould inspiration in the color red and the nobs that you can see in the bottom strip of patterned paper that I used.

Now it's your turn.  What does Etch-A-Sketch inspire you to create?  
Please use the link in the top right side bar to upload your image. To be eligible for the prize, you must link to the post of your LO and link back to Child's Play Challenges.  You have until May 30 to enter and be elligible for the monthly prize.  So get busy scrapping!