Monday, December 15, 2014

Classic Toy: Lite-Brite

Before we get to this week's challenge, we have an important announcement. 

This will be our last challenge. At the end of December, we will be closing Child's Play Challenges. 

It was an extremely difficult decision for me to make, but changes in my family life have led me to this decision. I have found myself dividing my time, with less time to manage this wonderful blog. I can't continue to give it the attention it needs. Ultimately, my family has to come first.

It has been an incredible experience, first be a part of this blog, and then running it. I have been surrounded by a magnificent group of women who helped contribute to this blog, and make Child's Play Challenges the fun and inspiring place it's been for the past 2+ years.  I thank them and you, our players, for supporting Child's Play all this time.

Now, it's time for a new, and our final challenge. This week we are bringing you a Classic Toy challenge: 
Lite Brite

"When Hasbro released its new art toy Lite-Brite in 1967, it was hard to imagine that young artists would become so attached to a little light box. The design was perfectly simple: a grid, backlit by a lightbulb, was covered by black sheets of paper. Kids could poke small, translucent plastic pegs through the paper, causing them to light up in the pattern of their choosing. Since the creation of Lite-Brite, Hasbro has included prepatterned images of Scooby-Doo, Darth Vader, My Little Pony and even Mr. Potato Head. Of course, for each masterly plotted creation a child managed to plug in piece by piece, there were at least a few of the pointy little pegs waiting to be stepped on. It was worth every yelp." Time Magazine

We had a lot of fun with this challenge. Take a look at what our team created with Lite Brite as inspiration

My page is inspired by "bright lights" like during Christmas, so therefore an old photo of my boy with some Christmas lights

I was inspired to document a spectacular light festival which is held in Sydney (Australia) each year.  It really is amazing seeing the city in vivid detail.

Since this is the final challenge from Child's Play Challenges I'd like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and may 2015 be all you want it to be.  To all our lovely team members - Farewell and thanks for the memories.

This toy inspired me to scrap these not so good quality Christmas light photos.

I was inspired to scrap photos of the evolution of our decorated Christmas tree in 2013, which included lots of lights.
 I used the December 1st "Stuck?!"sketch.  

I was inspired by the black background with the pops of bright colours.
(sketch by Jennifer Chapin at Paper Issues)

 The dotted background and the scattered confetti evoke the feeling of the Lite-Brite toy.

I had a Lite-Brite as a child, but didn't have any picots.  I went with a photo of us that had twinkling carousel lights in the background. 

I was inspired by the idea of lighting something. They tried so hard to light the fireworks on a grey cloudy 4th of July.

I was inspired by the colored lights of Lite-Brite which led me to these photos of my husband and son putting up our Christmas lights one year.

We hope you will join us and celebrate this as our last challenge. We want to see how Lite Brite inspires your creativity.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Classic Movie: The Polar Express

Welcome to our December challenges. We are taking you back to the movies for this first one. It's time to take a little ride on:

We thought we'd get into the holiday spirit a little bit. It's the story of a doubting boy who boards this train headed to the North Pole on Christmas Eve.

 Let's see how The Polar Express has inspired our team: 

I went with the blue and white colour scheme and snow theme using photographs of a school trip my dd took to the snowfields a few years ago.

Inspired by the train , this photo was taken during the yearly steamtrain event in my city.

When I think of the Polar Express movie I think of the hot chocolate this kids got on their way to the North Pole.

I loved the snow in the inspiration photo, so I scrapped some photos of a snowy day.

I was inspired not only by the Christmas theme but by the way the little boy is looking up
at the big train, much like my son is doing here, in the 2nd photo, at our Christmas tree.

I was totally inspired by the dark blue, shades of grey and white and the look of a starry night.   Also in the inspiration photo is a pop of yellow for the title so I choose to incorporate a pop of orange in my layout.

I was inspired by pictures of my daughter on a train ride before Christmas to the American Girl Store in Chicago.  She opened her doll on the train, and then went shopping for all the doll's accessories when the train arrived!

I have never seen Polar Express so I choose to use the blue as my primary color like the cover of the movie.  I also worked with a sketch from Scrapbook Generation and choose one with angled photos like the train coming through the cover.

The Polar Express train reminded me of the Holiday Train that comes through our town every year. I only went 1 time to take pictures of it for my

I was inspired by the snow.  We don't get a lot of snow where I live so when we do, it's definitely photo-worthy.  This was the perfect opportunity for me to scrap these rare moments in time!

We all went on rides at a local neighborhood fair.

Now it's your turn to create a layout inspired by The Polar Express. Will you use photos of trains, ride, the color blue? Do you have a holiday memory sparked by the photo? You have until Dec 30 to add your project using the link at the top of the page.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Classic Toy Challenge: Hot Wheels

It's time for our mid-month challenge!  Today we bring you the ever popular Hot Wheels.  If you have brothers or are the mother of boys, you are undoubtedly very familiar with these miniature die-cast cars.  Heck, many of us probably got down on the floor and zoomed these little wheeled wonders around ourselves.

Here are some fun facts about Hot Wheels:
*There were 16 cars released in the 1968 (the first year of production)---these are often referred to as the "sweet 16" by collector's
 *Many automobile manufacturers have licensed Hot Wheels to make scale models of their cars, allowing the use of original design blueprints and detailing
*They were conceived to be more like "tricked out" cars as compared to Matchbox cars which were more city or "real life" cars

Now it's time to get creative. Here are some examples created by our design team to get you started!

What is a boy without a car ? For this challenge I choose to work with this photo from a few years ago in a toy museum in France. The stamp under the photo was made with a lego wheel :-)

The flames in the Hot Wheels logo inspired me to make this page.

When I think of "hot wheels" I remember my son zooming around the kart track when we were on vacation a few years ago.  He loved it.

I was instantly inspired to create a layout about the High School Graduation present
we gave our son: a car...his "First Car".

 I was inspired by the "wheels" part of the "Hot Wheels" inspiration (my son on his bike) and also Hot Wheels made me think of going fast. So, I created this layout using a patterned paper that suggests a lot of movement.
(created using a sketch from Creative Scrappers)

For this page I was inspired to scrap about pinewood derby cars. Those were the only type of car my brother was interested in.

Hot Wheels made me think of when my son used to go kart race. Just like the picture of the Hot Wheels, my son would sometimes get his wheels in the air. This layout was of the night he won his first race.

My boys love their Hot Wheels and have quite a collection.  Sadly, when I went to find photos of them playing with these beloved cars, this was all I came across....and you can barely even see the car!  Oh well.  It's about the story, right?

I was inspired by the racing stripes on the package. I recreated that with strips of paper across the pages.

I was inspired by this picture of my daughter cruising around the neighborhood with her
dog on her big wheel.

I was inspired by the wheels concept and photos of our son getting his first two wheeled bike.
(sketch by Let's Get Sketchy)

Now it's your turn!  Create a Hot Wheels inspired layout and link up here for your chance to win our monthly prize.  Hope to see yours in our side bar!! 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Crossover Challenge

Welcome to our first challenge of November.   Before we get to our challenge, we need to announce our October Winner:
Congratualtions #7 Giorgia
Please contact us at idesignscrapbooks (at) yahoo (dot) com for further information on winning.We thank you for entering and hope to see you playing along with us again. 

We are starting the month out with a crossover challenge with Pixels and Paper Challenge Blog. They, like us use a photo to inspire your layout.  If you are not familiar with them, this is the perfect opportunity to try them out
This week's photo comes to us courtesy of Pixels an Paper. Seeing that this is a special event, we here at Child's Play decided to add a recipe challenge to the mix. We would like you to use this photo, AND incorporate the following items onto your layouts.

something older than 1 year
3 patterned papers
Our team took on the challenge with great enthusiasm. Let's see what they created:

Gold washi and stars on the trees.  Animal - hubby (lol).
Tree border is probably five years old.
Bling - red dots on the top of two trees.  The photo inspired by color choice.

 Gold--ribbons.  Animal--lions.  Something older than one year--lion sticker is about ten years old.  3 patterned papers--medallion print (photo mat), swirls (title tag), polka dots (die cut pieces).  Bling--crystal cabochon to the right of the tag.

Gold = Brads and in the patterned paper
Animal = Ladybirds
Bling = Black rhinestones
3 x patterned papers and
everything is over one year old 


Gold; the stars
Animal; on the photo
Something older than a year; the reindeer
Bling; the heart of the metal piece
Three patterned pp's from Bo Bunny
From the inspiration photo; using the colors red and green

Gold:  The rick rack ribbon framing the pictures
Animal:  My husband posing in the pink rabbit costume from the A Christmas Story movie
Something older than a year:  Pictures were taken in 2010 at the Christmas Story House Museum in Cleveland, OH
Bling:  The holly embellishments are red rhinestones
Three patterned papers from October Afternoon

Gold: misted background
Animal: reindeer rub-on (& my cat!)
Something older than 1 year: green glitter alpha
3 patterned papers: I used six, all from Echo Park
Bling: sequins
From the photo, I took inspiration from the colors---red, green, gold and cream---and also the Christmas theme.

 I used 5 patterned papers from Gossamer Blue, a cute bear sticker (inspired by the photo), a picture that is nearing 40 years old!! and gold enamel dots that are also glittery!! (the gold & bling). 

Gold: Washi tape, gold heart brad, large bling swirl 
Animal: Photo of our cat
Something older than 1 yr: the 2 Christmas Colored PPs (10 years old) and the black and
tan square behind the title tag (3 years old)
3 patterned papers: 3 Used
Bling: Heart brad and large gold swirl
Photo Inspiration: the Christmas themed Jack-in-the-Box

Gold:brads and mist
Animal:the book my son is reading
Something 1 year or older:brads and sew easy for stitching
3 patterned papers
bling: green squares
I loved the green and the idea of toys in the photo

Gold: gelatos & stickles
Animal: Dog in the photo
Older than 1 yr: title
3+ patterned papers
Bling is the stickles on the paw prints, bones & ornaments
The photo inspiration was to do a Christmas layout. 

Gold: doily
Animal: Dog in the photo
Older than 1 yr: Chipboard frame
3 patterned papers
Bling: the big brad
The photo inspired me to go with antique looking photos. 

We are excited for this challenge and hope you as too. Be sure to link your entries both he AND at  Pixels and Paper Challenge Blog to double your chances of being selected the November winner.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Classic Story: Alice in Wonderland

Good morning and welcome to Child's Play!

Our challenge today is brought to you by Alice in Wonderland.  If you're not familiar with this story, it's about a girl named Alice who falls down into a rabbit hole and enters a fantasy world full of peculiar creatures. Talk about a plethora of inspiration, right?!?

Still stumped?  Here are some examples from our talented game players...

Totally inspired by the Alice in Wonderland theme, I found the rabbit in a park last year :-)

Okay - here's my convoluted thinking.  Alice = Tea Party.  Tea Party = Cake.  Cake = Celebration.  Celebration = Wedding.  

What is Alice in Wonderland without a Mad Hatter's tea party?

I was inspired by these crazy hats my daughters decided to model last Halloween.  When I think crazy hats, I instantly think of the Mad Hatter!

I think it's pretty obvious the direction I went w/ this one, LOL!  
But what you don't know is that the "Alice In Wonderland" BG paper I used is paper I bought when I first started scrapping...15 years ago!!

I used lots of imagery from the movie, including a playing card, a butterfly, a clock, a rose painted red, keys, and hearts.

I was inspired by the story of Alice In Wonderland.  Or more specifically, where it starts...with Alice falling down the rabbit hole.  These photos are "holes" left behind by trees burned away by surrounding lava.
(sketch from Scrap Our Stash by Brenda Ragsdale)

I took inspiration from the picture of Alice in Wonderland and found these photos of everyone sitting around a table. They may not be drinking tea but I think it is similar to the picture.

I decided to scrapbook the pictures of my husband's birthday celebration because the inspiration photo is of a party and there's a cake on the table!
(sketch 279 by Creative Scrappers)

When I think of Alice I think of the colors of her. I chose to use yellow, blue, white and black for the color of this page. 

Now it's your turn!  Get inspired by Alice in Wonderland and create a layout.  We love to hear how you got from our inspiration to your finished page so be sure to mention that in your post.  Link up in our sidebar so we can check it out and leave you some love.  You will also be entered to win our monthly prize!  Have fun!