Thursday, April 10, 2014

A reminder and a WINNER!!

Good morning!
I just wanted to take a minute to remind you that we have a fabulous challenge going on right now with TWO chances to win!  We have joined forces with Scrapstuffz "Inspired by" to bring you a double challenge.  Click HERE to see all the details.  It runs until the end of the month so you have plenty of time to get creative and link up.  And be sure to link up on both blogs in order to double your chances of winning!

And now on to the winner from our March challenges...

Lyne B.

Congratulations!  Please contact us at idesignscrapbooks(at)yahoo(dot)com.
Thank you to everyone who played along last month.  Please spread the word of our blog and challenges to your friends!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Classic Craft Challenge: Sand Art

Good morning! April Fools to you! Yes, we are posting on a Tuesday. No, this is not a permanent change.  

We are so excited to be having a special event this month.  We thought it would be fun to have a crossover challenge with Scrap Stuffz' Inspired by .  We both use photos as inspiration for our challenges and thought this to be a great match.  We shared our Craft Challenge photo with Scrap Stuffz' Inspired by and as a bonus, they shared a sketch with us.  The sketch has been created by the lovely and talented Laura Whitaker.

How does this crossover work?  Both CPC and SSIB will be featuring the same photo and sketch this month. You can enter your project at both challenge blogs.
Why should I enter at both blogs?  There will be a prize available at both blogs. By entering at both, you can double your chance to win a prize.

Scrap Stuffz' Inspired by  is sponsoring us this month.  One random winner will receive 2 packs of October Afternoon Flair!  Looking for more goodies like this? Check out the Supplies by SSIB Store on FB

And now for the challenge!

As mentioned above, it is time for a Craft Challenge. This week we have chosen SAND ART. Where did you play with sand art?  What did you do with it? What in this photo inspires you?

Here is our fantastic sketch for you to use! It is not required, it is a bonus, but we would love to see how you can combine the sketch with your inspiration.


I loved the colours in the sand art and the wispy way they seem to float across the glass inside their tiny jars and I've tried to replicate this in my layout.  I've flipped the sketch and given it my own interpretation :)


I was inspired by the sand in the jars to do a LO about our trek through the desert in Morocco.  I also chose the colours for my distress stamping based on the sand colours.  The sketch I used pretty much alone, except for adding photos. 

 The sand reminded me of glitter, which has a similar graininess.  This inspired me to add glittered accents (the clover leaves) to my page.

I was inspired by sand art...just not in the same way as our inspiration photo.  One of my favorite things to do at the beach is write messages in the sand.  This is one I wrote to my husband who was not able to join us this trip.  I took a photo of it and texted it along with this one of the two starfish holding hands.

I was inspired by the beautiful colours in the sand art photo and the soft waves the sand made in the jars.  I followed the sketch almost exactly just removing some of the smaller elements and adding my own.

I was inspired by the colors of the sand.

I was inspired by the colors of the sand.  This paper reminded me of the beautiful colors in the sand art.

We hope you like our challenge this week. Please use the link at the top of the post to add your LO's. When you add your line, please remember to link back to the actual post, not just your blog so we can find your LO easily.  Add our LO as well to Stuffz' Inspired by for a chance to win their prize as well. You have until 4/30 to enter.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Classic Book Challenge: Mother Goose

Happy Wednesday!  Today we bring you a new challenge---Mother Goose!

Perhaps you remember hearing or chiming some of these:
Hey diddle, diddle; the cat and the fiddle...
Hickory, dickory dock...
Baa, baa black sheep, have you any wool?...
These are just a few of the countless nursery rhymes and fairy tales attributed to the figure of Mother Goose.  Who actually authored them and whether it was one single author or many, remains a bit of a mystery...but that's not why we are here.
Today, we want you to be inspired by Mother Goose in whatever way works for you.  Here is what our Game Players have to share with you:

I've never heard about the "Mother Goose" classic book before. I had to google it to find out what it is. After I made a long journey through the "WWW", I found a Mother Goose nursery rhyme called "As I was going to St. Ives". I was then inspired by this nursery rhyme to scrap this photo which was taken in St. Ives, Cornwall South-England.

I clearly remember reading a copy of Mother Goose rhymes with my parents growing up.  While this layout has nothing to do with a horn, sheep, cows or haystacks, "Little Boy Blue" reminded me of my son in his blue overalls he lived in the summer of '08. 

I chose to go with the colours of the book cover for my LO. the LO is called "Good Morning, it's a beautiful day, welcome" and shows my daughter high fiving a London 2012  volunteer as we arrived at the Olympic park at 7am.

I went with the theme of this case mother nature and this mother bird.  We had a chance to see this little miracle up close on our back deck a couple of springs ago.  Pretty cool!

Mother Goose nursery rhymes made me think of the little people.  This inspired me to create a layout about my son's preschool field trip.

I was inspired by the only winter rhyme from this book. I ended up choosing a older photo for this page. I also used the color palette from the book cover.

So how will you interpret this challenge?  Will it be a specific nursery rhyme?  The colors?  Mothers?  Birds?  Or something completely different?  It's all up to you!
Now show us your inner child by adding a layout inspired by Mother Goose. Be sure to use the link at the upper right of our blog. You have until March 31st to participate in this Challenge!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Craft Challenge-Pipe Cleaners

Hey there.  Welcome to March here at Child's Play Challenges.  Before we get to today's challenge, we must announce our February winner!  

Congrats Robyn

We have a great challenge for you today. Are you feeling a little crafty?  We are!  It's time for a craft challenge and it's a fun one.   PIPE CLEANERS!  Oh these have endless possibilities when it comes to crafting! I've even included an example.  Let's see how our creative team interpreted pipe cleaners into their layouts.

Ahhh pipe cleaners ...  child's messy, creative craft would not be complete without them.

 I went with the rainbow color scheme of the first inspiration picture. I also was inspired by the googly eyes in the second inspiration picture so I included a sticker of a googly-eyed pumpkin and his not-so-googly-eyed friends as an embellishment.

 It occurred to me that the colours are very like the colours on the London Underground Map, and that pipe cleaners could very well be used to make an Underground Map.

 I decided that soft, fuzzy pipe cleaners were the perfect accent for a page about my soft, fuzzy cat.


A few years back when I first discovered Pinterest, I found this adorable project where you dressed up bottles as reindeer using pipe cleaners as their antlers.    I thought this was a great way to "dress up" his birthday gift in the photo! 

Pipe cleaners reminded me of my Grandfather. He smoked a pipe as long as I can remember.

How will you bring pipe cleaners to life in your layouts? Will you use the colors? the shape? even the texture?  We can't wait to see what you create. Please use the link at the top of the post to add your projects. You have until March 30.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Classic Toy Challenge: Slinky

What walks down stairs alone or in pairs 
and makes slinkity sound? 
A spring, a spring, A marvelous thing!
Everyone knows it's Slinky.
It's Slinky, it's Slinky,
It 's fun, it's a wonderful toy.
It's Slinky, it's Slinky,
It 's fun for a girl or a boy!

Did you know that Slinky has been around for over 70 years? It was invented by naval engineer Richard James in 1943. He demonstrated his Slinky at Gimbels department store in Philadelphia in 1945.  The toy was such a hit that the entire inventory of 400 units was sold in just ninety minutes!
Here are some other interesting facts ...
  • In 2000 Slinky was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame 
  • In 2002 Slinky became the official toy of Pennsylvania
  • In 2003 Slinky was named to the Toy Industry Association's "Century of Toys List"
Let's see how our Game Players were insired by this classic toy...

I was inspired to scrap these two photos of our daughter playing in a slinky tunnel.

 When I think of slinky, I think of the slinky dog from the film Toy Story, which lead me to these pictures of my son's Toy Story birthday party.
All That I could think of when I thought of Slinky,  was when it is standing straight up and is all together. It looks like a big circle. My  2 corner circles are probably the best representation of a Slinky because of the holes in the middle of them.

 I used twine to replicate the coils of the slinky. Also, I focused on silver for this New Year page.

The Slinky reminds me of a spring ...and when I think of springs my mind immediately goes to the trampoline we have in our backyard. The boys become giant springs going up and down!

I tried to create a slinky spinning Baker's twine dipped in glue as background of my LO.

For my LO I Just Thought That look photos of My Children Toy Story Slinky the Dog where LIES!

Did you play with a Slinky as a child? Did (or do) your children play with a Slinky?  
What other ways can you be inspired by this classic toy?
Show us your inner child by adding a layout inspired by Slinky. Be sure to use the link at the upper right of our blog. You have until February 28 to participate in this Challenge!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sponsorship Opportunities for 2014!

Are you interested in sponsoring one our monthly challenges, or know anyone who would be? Take a look at the benefits and contact us today!

You will love sponsoring with us! Benefits of sponsorship include:

  • A permanent spot on our home page in the side bar of our blog 
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  • If you have product you would like our Design Team to try during your sponsorship month, please let us know. We would be happy to do so.

If you are interested and would like to sponsor us for 1 or more of our monthly challenges, please send us an email at idesignscrapbooks(at)yahoo(dot)com and we will give you the details of what we will need to get you started in supporting our challenges.

We thank you in advance for your sponsorship!

Devra & Steffanie

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Classic TV Show: Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown

Good Morning and welcome to our first challenge for February!  We have  little business to take care of before we reveal the challenge and that is 


The winner of the MONOPOLY Challenge is
Wendy C! 

The winner the GLITTER challenge is

Please contact me at idesignscrapbooks (at) yahoo (dot) com by Feb 10 so we can send you a little something.

Thank you to all of you who played along last month. It was exciting to see so many entries. We hope you will join us again this month for two more fun challenges.

Now, on to today's reveal!  It's Classic TV show time!  And what a fantastic show this is! I still look forward to watching every year, even if my guys are outgrowing it.  We want you to use this photo as inspiration for your layout. Want to use a reference from the show itself? Great! As long as you can tell us how you are inspired by 
Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown

This is still one of the best shows out there. I mean, who doesn't sympathize with Charlie Brown? Let's see how our Creative Game Players were inspired. See something you like from one of our team members? Click on their name to go to their blog for more information.

I will be forever grateful to Snoopy, Charlie Brown and all the Peanuts gang :)

For this challenge, I was inspired by Charlie Brown's chevron shirt and this picture of my girls being goofy with a statue of Snoopy at our local amusement park. As you can see, they were not very enthused to have their picture taken on this particular day....They wanted to ride the rides!

In the TV show Charlie Brown keeps checking the mailbox, to see whether any Valentine cards have arrived for him.  This inspired me to use real postage stamps as embellishments on my romantic layout.

I took the Valentine theme and did a LO about my sister and her two boys. It needed to be sweet, but not too sweet!

Title: "In The House"
Since Snoopy is a dog, I was inspired to scrap a picture of one of my dogs: Spotty.
I was also inspired by the chevron on Charlie Brown's shirt and by the "love" theme using it to
describe how much my dog, who is an outside dog, loves to come in the house.

Totally inspired by "a boy and his dog", although Snoopy isn't as loyal to Charlie Brown as our dog is to us!


I was inspired by Snoopy, the hearts, and the background in this challenge. I love this photo of my friend's dog, and yes his name is Chocolate.

We hope you enjoy today's challenge and reveal. Now show us the child in you by adding your layouts using the link at the upper right of the post. You have until Feb 28 to join the challenge.