Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Classic Craft Challenge: Glitter

Do you have a love/hate relationship with glitter?
Glitter describes an assortment of very small, flat, reflective particles that once you touch them, will show up everywhere for weeks!  No joke here...right?  Who can attest to this?  And inevitably one will end up on someone's cheek that will sparkle ever time the light hits it just right. 
Maybe you like it in small doses. Perhaps you dream of being doused in it.  Or maybe you avoid it like the plague!  Love it or hate it...embrace it or avoid it, glitter is here to stay.  Glitter has been produced and used decoratively since prehistoric times. Kids love it---and why wouldn't they???  It's sparkly and messy all at the same time!

However you feel about glitter, it is our challenge to you to get your glitter ON!!

This is how our Game Players chose to be inspired by glitter:

I was inspired to use my glitter alphabet stickers that I bought for 
a long time ago.

I was inspired by the glitter ornaments I made for this past Christmas.
 I used the same loose glitter in my title. 
I used Stickles glitter on the edges of the photo, on the flower embellishment and on the lettering in the title.

I used Stickles on the butterflies & smaller flowers. The white rose & leaves were already glittered when I bought them.

I loath loose glitter.  I just hate how it gets All. Over. Everything.  So, I used glitter tape to hang my sparkles and bangles.  I also used metallic ribbon and metallic font.  Cuz it's SPARKLY!

I used chipboard and sticker with glitter.


I made a patterned background with strips of tape and AC glitter!

I am one of those that is not a fan of glitter.  I do believe though that it has something to do with scrapping boys.  Kind of like flowers...and pink.  Glitter just doesn't come to mind most of the time.  I DO like the occasional glitter letters though!

Now its your turn!  Be sure to link up in our side bar for your chance to win our January prize.  We look forward to seeing how you bring a little sparkle to your layout!


  1. I'm so glad I didn't get glitter, LOL!
    Love what you came up w/, ladies!

  2. Glitter??? You don't have to ask me twice!!! I glittered some chipboard letters within an inch of their life for this layout. LOL!

  3. I used glitter on the mitten and the star. I also totally scraplifted my LO from Steffanie's "kitty kitty" LO - hope you don't mind!